Online CRO Unconference – May 14th 2020

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On Thursday May 14th Online Dialogue will organize their first online CRO Unconference and you are invited!

Online Dialogue is known for its knowledge sharing and our willingness to stay up to date on what’s happening in the world of CRO. They often organize events where people are invited to talk about different topics and they share their own experiences. 

Due to the corona regulations it is not allowed to organize events at their office. Therefore they will organize an online event on May 14th so you can still get in touch with people in your work field.

The online CRO unconference starts with a plenary presentation by Ruben de Boer (Conversion Manager at Online Dialogue) about ‘How to motivate your organization to adopt CRO’ and after that, you can discuss current CRO topics in small breakout sessions.

After Rubens presentation it is time for the unconference*. In small groups, you will get a chance to discuss your own topics and challenges. There are several topics to choose from: Conversion management & strategy, Analytics, UX and Psychology. Or you can bring on your own specific topic. 

Program for May 14th (entirely in English – time zone CET)

3 pm – start and introduction/explanation of the unconference rules

3.05 pm – plenary presentation by Ruben de Boer (conversion manager) | How to motivate your organization to adopt CRO

3.30 pm – unconference breakout session 1

3.55 pm – unconference breakout session 2

4.20 pm – closing and drinks (BYO)

*What is an UNconference?

An unconference is a participant-driven meetup where attendees share their knowledge with other attendees in small breakout sessions. There is no set program, but you can choose several topics you would like to learn and talk about. These topics are filled in by the participants: you! 

For this event Online Dialogue will be using Zoom, which gives the possibility to work in different breakout sessions. Please fill out the registration form on the Online Dialogue website and choose the unconference topics you are interested in. A week before the event they will share which unconference sessions you are assigned to.

Sign up for the CRO Unconference